We have a customer in Prenton that we’ve done quite a bit of work for the past including boiler, radiators, etc. She then called me with an idea of a project she wanted to do which was turning a walk-in wardrobe room into the shower room and upgrade the main bathroom. We went through a few ideas on what we can do then we decided to go for it which included full upgrade plastering tiling plumbing and electrics we decided to start on the shower room first so when we ripped out the main bathroom the customer had a working shower room. The team worked tirelessly and to the highest standards and went through the job step-by-step with the customer making sure she was happy with the progress. The dog Mika also kept an eye on the lads progress making sure everything went to plan LOL. Our customer was amazing keeping us fed with tea and my favourite biscuits, bourbons. It was a great project to be involved in, we enjoyed every minute of it. The customer was made up with the end result and it made me so happy knowing she was happy with the work and I now class here as a friend. I’m also on first name basis with the dog, Mika, LOL!