We got called to a customer in Ellesmere Port with a leak on her back boiler unit when we called out and investigated we noticed the boiler and gas fire were dangerous and spilling fumes.  We classed it as Immediately dangerous and had to shut it off for the customers safety.  We then started to talking with the customer about upgrading their system and the customer agreed as it was 30+ years old so we gave them a couple of options they went for a combi boiler ideal i2 combi.  This was a great choice, we then booked it in for as soon as possible as they had no heat or hot water.

We returned a couple of days later to upgrade the system, the lads worked tirelessly to get it up and running, even flipped a coin to see who was getting on the roof. I won the coin toss off course ha ha, so it was Sean’s turn to get up in the cold conditions to put in the vertical flue for the new combi.  The customer was great even supplying us with bacon sandwiches and plenty of tea to keep us going.  We finally got it finished to the highest standard, the customer was so pleased and left a great review, it was a pleasure doing the job for them